Miriam Slaats (1958) lives and works in Den Bosch. Miriam is a contemporary artist and has her own studio downtown. The moment  I saw her picture on Facebook, I wanted to take photos of this wonderful woman. So we met in her hometown city, having

10 questions about style

Do you have a favorite designer?

I haven’t.  I’m always looking for the finest pieces of various collections and designers.

What’s your secret?

I have a sense of proportion and balance. And for materials and fabrics. Undoubtedly developed through my work as an artist

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

That’s the dress I’m wearing today. It is the brand Irie, I bought it at Pauw. I can wear it in many different ways, both upscale and casual. And when I travel, it’s a lovely dress to take. It doesn’t crease and I can combine it easily.

How would you describe your style?

As classic-sporty. I always add my own accent, today these chains for example.

Are accessories important to you?

Yes, I love accessories. Like bags, jewelry, I prefer large rings and necklaces. And don’t forget shoes. The love for shoes, I have learned at home. My father was a shoe designer, he produced Rockport shoes

Jas: H&M jurk: Irie Wash bril:Tom Ford

coat: H&M
dress: Irie Wash
glasses:Tom Ford


You’ll never see me wearing…

a dress or top with spaghetti straps. For me, it isn’t a very flattering look. My arms are not so tight anymore. In combination with my rather heavy bosom, it doesn’t look good for me in terms of ratios. So I choose other options in summer.

Do you follow fashion?

No, I don’t follow fashion. I follow my own intuition therein. I’m not focused and I don’t spend much time on shopping. Accidently I find the most lovely clothes and accessories.

Where you always succeed?

At Grotesque shoes. My brother also designs shoes, just like my father did. The boots I wear today are his.

Do you often get compliments?

Yes, there are often people give me compliments about my appearance. Lately especially about my glasses. This ‘Iris Apfel’ frame I bought at Zien en Zijn in Hedel.

Finally, do you have tips?

Yes, look what clothes suits you and don’t buy clothes only because they are in fashion.

portret Miriam Slaats | MisjaB.nl def-laarsjeIMG_7568-kopie



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