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5 Instagrammers die ik graag volg


January is usually a somewhat gloomy month. Foggy, rainy, wintry. ‘Blue Monday’ was a very dark day this year. For me at least reason to wear a bright pink sweater, that helped at least a bit. It is also not a good month for me in terms of work. Many people wear a thick coat and are mostly in a  hurry because of the cold. Or they try to stay a bit dry under an umbrella. Of course, they are right, but it’s not that inspiring. Fortunately, I know by now that it will be okay in a couple of weeks. At the first sunny day, it looks better for my photo work. So I just have to be patient.


Gladly, I can get inspiration in other ways during this period. There is so much to see on the internet and especially on social media such as Facebook and Pinterest. I like to roam around on Instagram. Images finally say more than a thousand words! I like to get inspired by men or women who also love clothes and fashion. There are a lot of them nowadays on IG, so it’s difficult to choose. Let’s start with these 5 Instagram accounts. We do have something in common: they are just like me, slightly older.

Accidental Icon


The woman behind is Lyn Slater (63). She lives in New York, is a professor at Fordham University and accidentally became a style icon. Because of her striking appearance, she received several requests to start a blog. She started the blog Accidental Icon and shows them that you are at your best when you feel comfortable with what you wear. She has an eye for beautiful fabrics, striking jewelery and eyewear. Lyn Slater loves to wear clothes from young and/or starting designers. Usually in black, white or gray. Sometimes she chooses something very colorful.Tessie Singson: ‘When fashion starts at 60+’

Tessie Singson

In Paris I met this remarkably dressed lady, together with her son, shopping at the Merci department store. She was in Paris to visit the FashionWeek. Back at home I, I found out by coincidence that her name is Tessie Singson and that she is also active on Instagram.

Snelle street style kiekjes tijdens Paris Fashion Week

Parijs 2017

She can be found under the name Lolaandrogynous. The name immediately makes clear what her clothing preference is for. She also appears to have a second account: LolaAcloset, on which she offers for sale her “treasures,” as she calls it. Also worth a look around now and then.

Ana Gimeno

She was born in Spain, but lives in Milan: Ana Gimeno I discovered I  have photographed her both in Milan and in Paris during the Fashion Week. She advises designers on merchandising and styling, for brands like Dries Van Noten and Brunello Cucinelli, who brought her to Milan fifteen years ago. I saw her in Paris before the Dries van Noten show started. Her clothing style seems very inspiring to me!

Tziporah Salomon


A well-known style icon from New York is Tziporah Salomon. Very often photographed by the deceased, legendary street photographer Bill Cunningham. She is also one of the ‘Advanced Style’ women from the eponymous documentary by Ari Seth Cohen. In this documentary, she told that it sometimes takes a long time before she can style certain pieces of clothing in order to make the ‘picture’ perfect she has in mind. Unfortunately, she was out of town when I was in New York a few years ago. So she is still on my ‘bucket list’ to photograph.

Richard Aloisio: ‘Hey, a little more color can’t hurt!


We must not forget the fashionable and stylish men. There are plenty of well-dressed and well-appointed men on Instagram. But during such a gloomy January month, the photos of Richard Aloisio really pop out: Aloisio.ricky. That’s why he belongs in this top 5. His bio on Instagram says: “Hey, a little more color cannot hurt!” Until recently he worked as art director of The New York Times, nowadays as a personal stylist.

Do you have a favorite Instagrammer? Please let us know!

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