by: MisjaB

5 Tips om nog beter je slag te slaan tijdens de sale

It’s time for Sale again. A great opportunity to complement your wardrobe with something you have in mind for a while. It is so tempting because the prices are suddenly so much more attractive. Finding something very beautiful that you do not have to pay the main prize for, we all want that. But there are also a few pitfalls, so here are a few tips to avoid a bad buy.


Tip number 1: wear your most beautiful outfit

I got this tip from image and clothing consultant Lida Thiry:

“When you go shopping, wear something that makes you feel very comfortable, so it’s hard to buy something that’s even better. Wearing your ‘not so nice dress’ you’ll find everything that appeals to you super nice!”
This tip is valuable, whether you go shopping or go out for something else. But when you go shopping it certainly works out!


5 Tips om nog beter je slag te slaan tijdens de sale

2 wish list

Before you go out shopping, make a wishlist of things you really want. For example, a white shirt or checkered pants or … Hold on to this wish list, otherwise, you come home with something that is nice or beautiful or just a bargain. But you still don’t have the ultimate checkered pants you have been wanting for so long.


3 the size

The size that is in the clothing is not that important, because every brand is different. The most important thing is that it fits well when you buy it. Do not buy clothing in the expectation that you will soon lose weight (or plump up). Nobody knows (except you) what size you wear, the label does not hang on the outside. Shoes also must fit immediately. If they squeeze in the store, it usually does not get better at home. I had been looking forward to these shoes by Jil Sander for a while. When they were offered during the previous sale, I also hit my stroke. In the store I noticed that the left one was not fitting so good, I always slipped out while walking. But I was in love so I thought: “I’ll solve that at home”. Unfortunately, it’s still not fitting well, not even with an extra stick on the heel. Someone a golden tip?

4 combination

Consider on the spot whether you can make with the new acquisition a good combination with the other items in your wardrobe. Also, think about which shoes or jacket you want and can wear with it. If you do not, you still have to purchase something else. Then the bargain during the sale will be more expensive than you thought.

5 Tips om nog beter je slag te slaan tijdens de sale

5 be honest

Look critically at yourself in the full-length mirror. Usually, you immediately see whether something is very good for you, or ‘doing something with you’. Is it really an asset to your wardrobe? Or do you actually already have something like that hanging in the closet? Consider whether it really adds something.

My own wishlist

And I? I am looking for a nice handbag during this sale. It has been on my wishlist for a while. Not a small clutch like this, however nice. But a serious bag that fits a lot. And which I can, of course, combine with a lot. I wonder if I will succeed.


5 Tips om nog beter je slag te slaan tijdens de sale