5 Tips om te onthouden

In my opinion, one can never get enough tips. I always like to get them and take advantage of it. When I photograph women I usually ask them to share their ‘golden tip’. I like to share some of these tips with you.


5 Tips om te onthouden

You can see that Corrien Pels worked earlier as a mode. Her golden tip: “For every figure and type there is a golden tip, but the most important thing is: “Be proud and walk upright.” She is absolutely right, I often remember her wise words, walking with my camera. But …. I’m doing my best Corrien!

Strong look

5 tips om te onthouden

Francine Heirbaut’s tip: “60Plus women need a powerful look, show yourself! No ‘greige’ for me.”


5 tips om te onthouden

Carla Palermo, owner of a store in second hand and vintage clothing and accessories in Amsterdam: “I always start with a base piece, then the rest will follow automatically. With a vest or gilet, you can combine in a variety of ways. And of course with accessories. The most important thing is what you radiate. So everybody will see if you feel comfortable in a piece of clothing.’


5 tips om te onthouden

Artist Miriam Slaats: “My golden tip: “Take a look in the mirror to discover what suits you. It’s not important whether it’s in fashion or not. Do not follow fashion flawlessly!”


5 tips om te onthouden

Finally, my tip, which I actually got from my mother. When I was about 14 years old, I got money (for the first time) to buy a new blouse or sweater. And I got my mother’s golden tip: “If you see something nice you’d like to buy, think about how to combine it with some other clothes you already have.” Over the years she repeated it several times, so I still hear that sentence when I see something beautiful I’d like to buy. I think it’s really a golden tip!

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