For his 70th birthday, I was looking for a gift for Mister B. Like many men, especially at that age, he has everything he wants. Otherwise, he would rather buy it himself. But he doesn’t like to buy clothes. He is not interested in, he’s wearing his clothes really until it is worn out or until I tell him that he can’t wear something any longer because of the model, color or otherwise. But he has a weakness for the jerseys of Joe Merino. Maybe because the concept of this brand appeals to him.


Antwerpen Joe Merino misjab.nlIMG_1402


A few years ago we discovered Joe Merino jerseys. Sweaters made from 100% merino wool, at that time only available in a V-neck and round neck. Meanwhile, the collection is slightly expanded with a zipper sweater, a vest, a sports model with hood and also socks and scarves. The jersey is slightly fitted, available in 6 sizes and 50 different colors. Therefore a store of Joe Merino seems clear.


Subtle orange

The jerseys are not too thick, the wool hardly pills and the colors are excellent. But for me, the most beautiful accent of these sweaters is the oranges stripe at the bottom of the right sleeve. I love this little, subtle detail. So for his birthday I bought this sweater for Mister B in Amsterdam. By the way, the jerseys are also for sale online.


You don’t need to wash jerseys like these. Just leave them outside overnight for a good airing. Merino wool doesn’t absorb any odors. And stubborn stains will go out if you wash your pullover in the machine, using the wool setting. I once did but forgot to use the wool setting. That jersey doesn’t fit Mister B any longer. So I have my own Joe Merino.

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