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Een bijzondere winkel: magasin Horaz in Den Haag

A special shop: magasin Horaz*

More and more I am being tipped about a special address. I am very happy about that because that is how it works and I like to share them! Like this store in The Hague: magasin Horaz. On the bench sits owner Horas, who took the plunge to open his ‘magasin’ in this building a year ago. Previously in this building lived and worked a violin maker. The 100-year-old monument has now been refurbished, fortunately while retaining all the special details.

Mini department store

Horas has worked for years in the hospitality industry, he has had a cafe and a breakfast/lunchroom. After his sabbatical of a year in which he traveled a lot, he was looking for a new challenge. Horas: “When I saw this building for the first time, with the different ‘rooms’, the idea of a mini department store arose: a store where you can go for all sorts of things, but at least it’s all stuff that makes my heart go faster. I am selling clothing, including Commes des Garçons, glassware, crockery, cushions from Hackedby, olive oil from Provence and organic peanut butter from Amsterdam (both produced by friends), cooking and photo books, jewelry and books with the special wallpaper collection of NLXL. I also work as an interior stylist and give (color) advice to companies and private individuals.

Een bijzondere winkel: magasin Horaz in Den Haag


“When the store was not that long open, two women came in. They bought their first violin or cello: Hui Lien The (violin) and Marjolein Nieuwenkamp (cello). From that time I organize a Sunday morning concert with them. Classical music from Mozart to Stravinsky, every month a different repertoire, fitting to the season, with afterward an opportunity for coffee/tea and cake in the Roode Kamer (Are you interested: please make a reservation, for there is room for about 20 people)”.

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In this mini department store, you come across all kinds of beautiful things. One of the rooms is decorated as a gallery, for which each month an artist is invited to exhibit her / his work. In addition, there is the Roode Kamer, where you can enjoy coffee or tea with possibly a piece of cake. Also possible on the small patio, sitting in the middle of the city, but without noise.

Een bijzondere winkel: magasin Horaz in Den Haag

Horas is wearing a T-shirt by Commes des Garçcons and espadrilles by the French brand 1789 Cala.

Magasin Horaz, Molenstraat 19, Den Haag.

* At Sumatra Horaz means Welcome


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