“For me it’s important that clothes are comfortable … >>>

André Thijssen Amsterdam

…and made of beautiful materials. And of course the design must be good.  I am critical when I purchase something, but if something is just right and I like it, I’ll keep it for a long time. This also applies to consumer products. I don’t buy ugly things, but I do look for functionality. Once, in a small Portuguese village, I bought a shirt designed for fishermen. I still wear it, it’s timeless and indestructible. My wife advises and tips me off about clothes. Friends sometimes make fun of me when I’m wearing something new, like these pants (Calvin Klein), they call it a pajama trousers. But I’m sure, in about two years, they’ll be sporting it themselves.”

portret André

André works as an artist. For many years now he has been taking pictures of ordinary things, which become
amusing through his eyes. In September his new photo book will appear:
                         AMS, randverschijnselen in Amsterdam.

schoenen                                                                     “These shoes are my latest purchase”.