Anita: 'Er is ook een leven na je 50e...'

We met at Filmmuseum EYE in Amsterdam, a great location for a photoshoot. It was a freezing cold day in January, but we both didn’t care. Inside, after the shoot, Anita van Delft (1950) told me all about the career move she made on her 54th. Anita: “As a stylist, I worked a lot for fashion magazines. I could use my creativity in that job, but it was time for a change. I’ve always had an affinity with houses and interiors, so I trained to become a real estate agent. Since about 10 years I run my own office. The contact with people I find a beautiful side of this profession, I have built up a good relationship with many of my clients.

Anita: 'Er is ook een leven na je 50e...'


“I’m feeling fine and hardly think about my age. Maybe the reason is that my two (hip) children keep me on track. And my partner is 12 years younger! I’m so glad to be healthy and want to keep it that way. I walk two hours a day with my dog and twice a week I go to the gym”

Shoes & bags

“My daughter and son are both fashionable. My daughter and I have the same taste, we also exchange clothes often. Unfortunately, our shoe size doesn’t match. I don’t spend much money on clothes. I never buy secondhand clothes, but prefer to choose beautiful items, for example at Zara and H&M. Sometimes it’s a matter of good search. But I do spend a lot of money on shoes and bags. Like this bag by Tods and these Prada shoes. Because I’m sure it’s a good investment.”

Anita: 'Er is ook een leven na je 50e...'

Tips from a stylist

“I don’t know if it is a ‘golden’ tip, but it is something that works well for me. Because I do not like to look ‘ladylike’, I always try to find an exciting and unexpected contrast. That’s why I changed this neat dark blue trousers. I made it a little bit shorter, to show my colored socks. What I also like is to wear a beautiful silk blouse on a ‘boyfriend’ jeans. Or a combination of sturdy sneakers and a tight pencil skirt.”

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