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Ann: "Ik ben intens vrouwelijk, ik hou van jurken..."


Ann Philipps has been living with her husband and two sons in the Netherlands for about 4 years. She is managing director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Curaçao in Power and she travels a lot for her work. I have photographed Ann before, but this time I made pictures of her for Zin magazine. We met in the heart of The Hague, at the Binnenhof. Ann appears in a bright red coat, exactly the same outfit she wore when I first met her in a tram in Amsterdam. Ann: “I do not wear trousers (anymore), it does not become my figure. I do not like to exercise, so in recent years I have become a bit rounder. That’s why dresses and skirts are much better for me. I am very feminine. ”

Ann: "Ik ben intens vrouwelijk, ik hou van jurken..."

My style

“I really like a feminine, somewhat royal style. I love glitter and glam, but in a stylish and restrained way. My clothes must also show a certain quality. I travel a lot, so I often have the opportunity to shop abroad. My favourite brands are: Karen Millen, Reiss, Gerry Weber and Claudia Sträter. You will not be surprised that my style icon is Audrey Hepburn. The dress and the shoes I wear today are by Karen Millen. I bought the jacket at Zara. I do my hair myself. For this hairstyle I was inspired by Wallace Simpson (in her teens). Every two weeks I have my nails painted by a beautician.”

Ann: "Ik ben intens vrouwelijk, ik hou van jurken..."


Love of my life

“My husband was born in the Netherlands, I was born in Curaçao. We met for the first time on the plane. He flew back to Curaçao from a holiday in Switzerland and I flew from the Netherlands. I sat next to him. I noticed that he was often looking at me. A flight like that takes hours and we got into a conversation. On arrival, we exchanged our phone numbers. I became bold and called him first. He is the love of my life. Now we have two sons and live together in the Netherlands. I would not be able to do this work without him. He makes sure that everything goes well at home, even when I am traveling. Even when I was stationed in Washington for almost a year. ”

Ann: "Ik ben intens vrouwelijk, ik hou van jurken..."

High Lights

“Next to traveling a lot, the special thing about my work is that I come into contact with so many people, from many different cultures. For example, in 2011, prior to a UN General Assembly in New York, I was allowed to shake hands with Ban Ki-moon. Another highlight was the trip to Venezuela and Colombia in the autumn of 2013. I flew with the official government aircraft. On board were King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their suite.”


Ann: "Ik ben intens vrouwelijk, ik hou van jurken..."

Ann: "Ik ben intens vrouwelijk, ik hou van jurken..."


“I do not have time for magazines and books. Everything I read has to do with my work or study. I recently picked up my law study again. So the only thing I do is work hard, study a lot and be beautiful. ”

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