Ann Philipps: "I grew up surrounded by beautiful fabrics..."

It hardly ever happens that I leave home without my camera. But on that day I spotted this lady all dressed in red. Fortunately, I could give her my business card. I introduced myself and asked her if I could photograph her. A few days later I received an email with a proposal for an appointment. She’s not dressed in red, but in earth tones, also beautiful!.”

Beautiful fabrics

Ann Philips (1962): “I was born on Curacao. My mother used to be a seamstress and at home, she had a small studio. Nothing fancy, but I grew up surrounded by beautiful fabrics, paper patterns for clothes and ladies fitting clothes. My mother also made all our clothes herself. From an early age, I always wanted to look beautiful. I like beauty  (especially a beautiful mind!) and I also like to express this with my clothes.” 

Ann Philipps: "Ik ben opgegroeid met mooie stoffen..."

“As a child, it was my dream to become a distinguished, highly educated lady and I succeeded: I studied history at the University of Leiden and had top positions in the diplomatic service on Curaçao, in New York and Washington. At the moment, I am the managing director of the Cabinet of the authorized Minister of Curaçao in The Hague and I represent Curaçao in Brussels.”


“I love quality. Usually I buy my clothes at the Bijenkorf, Karen Millen or Claudia Sträter. Ones in a while I buy something at Zara. I love clothes that radiate simplicity, elegance and a certain ‘grandeur’. Once, a colleague told me: “ you look like ‘royalty’ to me.” With the way I dress myself, I want to express the values of the Kingdom: dignity, integrity and service.”

Ann Philipps: "Ik ben opgegroeid met mooie stoffen..."


“I also use clothes to express my creativity. I always combine clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories into a harmonious unity. During my lunch break, I recently purchased an ecru-colored jacket for this fall by Reiss. I have already figured out with what I’m going to combine this jacket: a burgundy red ‘twenties style’ dress and ecru colored shoes by Peter Kaiser. And I add a matching scarf and golden colored accessories to the dress.” 

Ann Philipps: "Ik ben opgegroeid met mooie stoffen..."


This time Ann is not wearing red. Finally, I’m curious about her hairstyle. Ann: “Once a week I wash my hair and when it’s still wet, I make these dreadlocks. The rest of the week I don’t have to give it any further attention. Here and there it’s turning a bit grey, but I don’t mind.”

Fashion: Gerry Weber
Glasses: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Caprice Babylon Den Haag
Bag: Panara
Bracelet and watch: Freeport Jewelers Curaçao
Ring: Pandora

Ann Philipps: "Ik ben opgegroeid met mooie stoffen..."

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