Anne in marine look, elk voorjaar weer mooi


As soon as spring arrives, the navy look pops up again. A classic combination once introduced by Coco Chanel, who drew her inspiration from the marines. This spring Anne Bosch-van der Graaf (1940) was the first one I spotted wearing this timeless look when I was in Arnhem.Anne in marine look, elk voorjaar weer mooi

Smart and sporty

Anne: “The best way to describe my style is smart and sporty. That’s why I love this classic outfit. Today I combined it with my orange handbag and shoes with a colorful floral design. When choosing my clothes I’m always aware of not looking too much like an ‘aging girl’. I worked as a beautician owning my own salon de beauté. When I was given the chance to teach my profession I took it gladly because I’m an ambitious person. I enjoyed being a teacher until my retirement.”

Anne in marine look, elk voorjaar weer mooi


“Some 16 years ago I was invited to a model contest at an ‘over 50’ event. I turned out to be a success and I’ve been modeling ever since. My husband was inspired and now he is a model as well. We frequently get booked together for shoots and commercials. For example last year we spent two months in Kaapstad doing several shoots. A wonderful experience, meeting all kinds of people who are very enthusiastic working together to get the best possible result.”


“The modeling takes up a lot of our time. It keeps my husband and I busy every day, but we really enjoy it. I do however have other hobbies as well, like swimming and knitting. I am a real ‘knitting grandma’.”

Anne in marine look, elk voorjaar weer mooi

Do you want to become a model like Anne. She shares her experience: “Make sure you enroll at several agencies. Good to know: there’s not so much competition amongst older models. The more experience you get, the higher the fee.” I photographed Vakil Eelman before, she became a model after her fiftieth as well.

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