St. Vincent in Antwerp

is ‘the place to be’. If you are intend going to Antwerp soon, I do have a great address for you: St. Vincents at the Kleine Markt No. 13. It’s  a concept store, started a couple of months ago. Once this building was used as a printing office.  As a proof, we still see an original printing press inside.

On a playful way on the board at the entrance of the store you can read what to expect in St. Vincents and ‘the do’s and dont’s’ if you decide to go inside.

New start

The owners of this store met each other in Amsterdam. At that time she worked as a lawyer, he is an economist. Both were not so happy with their work and sought more creativity.They both enjoy traveling and shopping but didn’t find many shops that meet their needs. So they decided to start their ideal shop and chose Antwerp for it. They both can use their creativity. Together with an architect they remodelled the space and decorated it themselves.
Antwerpen-St.-VincentIMG_1349 Antwerpen-St.-VincentIMG_1350
Stepping inside you feel welcome. On the various side tables and on the long dining table you’ll find jugs with fresh water. All the furniture in this store is for sale. You’ll find beautiful design classics and vintage furniture as well.

Two old offices were kept to use as pop-up stores.Antwerpen-St.-VincentIMG_1352

Coffee, tea, lunch

Obviously, at St. Vincents you can also go for coffee, tea and cake. There are several seating areas with sofas. In the middle of the great room is also a very large dining table as well. That creates a very homely atmosphere. It’s also a great place for lunch. I enjoyed a delicious lunch: slices of bread with a nice crust and very thinly sliced avocado. And, for the finishing touch, a small wedge of lime. It did not only look gorgeous as you can see, it tasted delicious!

Shoes and clothing

mbMG_1444 mb-schoenIMG_1449
At St. Vincent’s, they also sell clothes, mainly by young designers. Basic pieces of good quality. Brands like Fine Collection and Anecdote. And shoes. I bought these summer shoes by the French brand Maurice. Very light leather shoes with tiny holes, to give your feet some fresh air. They feel like slippers. I didn’t know this brand, but have already visited their website, very dangerous!

St. Vincents, Kleine Markt number 13.Open: Monday, Wednesday – Sunday: 10:30h to 18:30h So closed on Tuesday.  Their website will be soon online.