'Baby it's cold outside': tijd voor een pet


It’s really getting colder, so now it’s time for a cap or hat. For me it’s necessity by now, because I’m a bit of a shivery. At this time of the year I will not go out without a hat, cap or headband. I like it because it’s warm, certainly not at least, it’s nice. Just notice if you see someone on the street with a hat or cap. How nice it often is. In this picture you see Marjo, wearing as she calls it, her ‘advanced style’ hat. Inspired by the women in the documentary. For your inspiration I have some pictures put together from women and men with a hat and/or cap.


I think everyone can wear a beret, because they are so easy to model. Knitted or felt, with or without print and (often for little money) for sale in various colors. Of course you can add a brooch (or a lot different) pinning to make it more personal. Warm it is in any case. And a baret is a little bit more informal than a hat. If you chose a bit too large size your hair even looks good when you take off your beret.

Not just for men

That’s a little advantage for women: some caps (and indeed hats) may very well be worn by women. Conversely, not very often. Miek van de Molengraft (top left) told me that she bought this hat once in Lourdes (France). “Because it rains so often over there you find many stalls selling hats”. The man with the blue cap is a market vendor at the Noordermarkt, he sells hats and caps.

Winter warm

The time it’s freezing a cap you can pull ’em up to your ears will do. (Fake) fur will, no doubt be wonderfully warm, but a woolen copy is also very comfortable.

Finally Yvonne van der Houwen wearing a loverly white winter hat. Very nicely decorated with beads, sequins and beads. Not only warm, but also very stylish.


'Baby it's cold outside': tijd voor een pet 'Baby it's cold outside': tijd voor een pet



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