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Bas Kosters is a colorful artist, in many ways. Foto: Marc Deurloo


Bas Kosters: ‘I want to be soft’

This summer (until September 4th) you can visit an exhibition of designer Bas Kosters in Museum Arnhem. It is the first time Bas Kosters having an exhibition on his own in a museum

It’s  like ‘coming home’ for Kosters, because he studied Fashion and Clothing, at ArtEz in this city. He was one of the first artists to make fashion of discarded clothes and fabric remnants. He graduated as a fashion designer but focuses also on making dolls, music, illustrations, paintings, tapestries and graphics. In short, he is really a multi-talent

Arnhem, here we come

Such a colorful exhibition is perfect for summer. Frankly, I don’t  know the work of Bas Kosters that good. Neither do you? Watch this video. I’ve noted this exhibition in my diary.

Arnhem is a nice city, if you want to shop after visiting this museum, you can find addresses here

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