Model Vakil Eelman |


Yoga teacher and model

Vakil Eelman (1947) lives in Alkmaar and is a yoga teacher. Round her fiftieth, she was accidentally discovered as a model. Since then, she is frequently asked for photo shoots. Vakil: “I got an early silver-gray hair, most striking for such a young woman. When I was 15 years old, I once dyed my hair red, which I quickly regretted. That was the first and the last time. Because of my hair, I got into modeling when I was 50. I think it’s so much fun to do, in addition to my work as a yoga teacher. Precisely because it is something very different. ”

Model Vakil Eelman |

Artistic chic

“Red is my favorite color, although I recently bought a yellow jacket. I love colors, even in my house. A lot of colors seem to suit me, which is very easy as a model. My style can best be described as ‘artistic chic. I don’t have a style icon. Important to me is to take good care of myself. I do not spend a lot of money on beauty products. I cut my hair myself. I use natural products and occasionally I’m visiting a beautician who cleans my skin thoroughly. I do want to look good (I’m a Lion), but don’t spend much money on clothing. I love vintage, Mevrouw Jansen is my favorite vintage shop and for something new Dani is for me the best, both stores in Alkmaar.”

Model Vakil Eelman |


For her modeling work, Vakil is regularly abroad. When she just was registered she was asked for a photo shoot in Curacao. This was followed by projects in the Netherlands, but also in London and she is often in Germany. South Africa will soon be on the program. Vakil: “It has brought me a lot in many ways, it is such a different world, I like the traveling and I have met a lot of nice, creative people. Some of them became good friends. Some years ago she also was asked for the documentary Midlife twist by Niki Boomkes. It’s about three 50plus who have chosen a different route at a later age. Soon she will play in a documentary about Mata Hari. Vakil: “Actually, I’d like to be an actress.”

Model Vakil Eelman |


“When I started it was quite difficult to stand before the camera and to laugh on command. But in the meantime, I have more experience and I feel comfortable now. I’m not afraid to stand out. It is a matter of good breathing and thinking ‘It’s okay and I’m okay’. I want to keep doing this it until my 100th ”


The coat is by Alembika, the lines are very special. Hagar Alembik is a designer from Israël. Hat: H&M, boots: Tommy Hilfiger


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