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Ben over Ingrid: 'Ze is de liefde van m'n leven...'

The two of them

I’m in Rotterdam photographing Ben Akkerman for Zin Magazine. On arrival I am pleasantly surprised: not only Ben looks smashing, but he also appears to have a very charming wife: Ingrid. So, while having a cup of coffee my first question is: May I also take pictures of Ingrid?

Ben over Ingrid: 'Ze is de liefde van m'n leven...'

Ingrid wears spectacles by one of her favorite brands: Kuboraum. The frame is completely fashioned with a chisel and the glasses are (partly) photochromic. The sweater is a design by Henrik Vibskov

A Coincidence

Ingrid (1953) and Ben have been together for about 27 years. Their first encounter is a beautiful love story. Both were invited by a spectacles brand on a trip abroad. Their partners then, could not or did not want to join them. There was a click, the moment they saw each other for the first time. Not only in appearance, but also in other interests. And of course the passion for their profession: both opticians. After this trip, some time passed before they could live together and also work together.

Ben: “Ingrid is the love of my life, she creates balance, she is my quardian angel”


New start


Ben over Ingrid: 'Ze is de liefde van m'n leven...'

It’s two years ago that they again opened a store together: Eyeclusive in Rotterdam. As the name suggests, it is not an average store. According to their website, you will find ‘No simple metal glasses but a pronounced frame with a character’. Get rid of the uniformity! People are individuals. Rotterdammers need to stand out, be original and a bit obstinate. So something exclusive. That does not only apply to a special frame, Ben and Ingrid also sell art and ‘one of a kind’ shoes, bags, shirts, and accessories.


Ben over Ingrid: 'Ze is de liefde van m'n leven...'

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