Bill Cunningham
Bill Cunningham, the famous fashion photographer from New York, died Saturday 87 years old. He worked almost 40 years for the New York Times. On his bike he crossed the streets of New York, always spotting fashion trends.



Style icon Tziporah Salamon was his mus. I asked Tziporah when the met the first time.
Tziporah and Bill

Tziporah: “I first met Bill in the late 90’s, in front of Bergdorf Goodman. My father, who had retired from his own tailoring shop at the age of 77, went back to work at their alterations Dept. I visited my father there often and Bill was always outside, snapping photos. He started taking my photos and we began a friendship. He was the kindest, most humble and most considerate human being. He often sent me letters, handwritten, thanking me for soaring his sprits.

“I so enjoy…. you and your signature style on Fifth Avenue…. my spirits soar on seeing you.”
~ Bill Cunningham

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Bill knew always exactly what year my vintage clothes were from. He always shared his wealth of knowledge with me. He would light up like a kid when he saw me. Always so appreciative that I take the time to dress.

Huge loss

His passing is a huge loss to me personally and to the world at large! I am so very grateful to have known him all these years and to be his friend.