Bright colors

Joke Groeneweg (1953) lives in Amsterdam: “I love bright colors, especially in Summer, it suits me because of my skin tone. This yellow dress I bought at Vanilia. I already loved to wear dresses, my mother made me, as I was a child.

” I also had a petticoat in the sixties, of course. And a silver charm bracelet just like all my girlfriends. I was very proud of it. I’ve always been interested in fashion and styling and I love to style a house. In my work as a Kindergarden teacher I used my creativity as well.
“I live in Amsterdam, but we’re often in Greece in our second home, That’s where I bought these shoes. Maybe it’s because of being in Greece that often that I’m fond of bright colors.
I often buy clothes for my daughter. I know exactly what she’s into and which colors she wants. She’s always very satisfied with my choices.”

“This bag I bought at the Bijenkorf gekocht.”


What a coincidence: Joke made an appointment to meet her friend Anne Noordijk (1947) to visit an exhibition. When Anne arrives it appears they are wearing the same colors. Two friends, same thoughts.
Anne : “We have been friends for over 40 years now. There was a time we did not have much contact, because we both were very busy with our work and families. But we recovered in Amsterdam. Today we’re visiting the KunstRAI together in Amsterdam.”
Anne’s wonderful natural grey short bob line.