has her own shop in vintage clothes and accessories….>>

Carla: “I am so glad that I can do this! It was always a dream of mine to start my own shop. Four years ago, the monastery in the Warmoesstraat were I worked in the catering, was closed. At that time I took the decision.
We lived already in the Huidenstraat, in Amsterdam better known as one of the ‘9straatjes’. We only had to sacrifice our living room.
I’ve always been interested in clothing, and also worked as a stylist. I had enough clothes in stock to get started. We have, with the help of friends, installed some shelves and hanging racks and the store could open.

Besides Amsterdam I buy also in other places, for example in Italy and last time when I was visiting Valencia.”

Carla Palermo

“I had made this jumpsuit and then sold it. The lady who bought it ultimately was not so happy with it, so it came back. Luckily, since then I wear it myself, with pleasure. I always start from a base piece, the rest will follw naturally.  A cardigan or vest can be combined in many different ways. And of course I use accessories.

The important thing is what you radiate. So if you feel comfortable in a garment, it gives you confidence.”

Carla Palermo

tas Carla Palermo

“This handbag I use daily. It’s made of suede and leather, in Italy.”

Carla Palermo

This is a picture of the store of Carla, Huidenstraat 4 (one of the 9straatjes) Amsterdam.
Easily recognizable by the red scooter in front of the door.