“I go by many names”.

“Some people call me Lizzy, or Rilleke or Cher…”


Sherill was born in Suriname and lives in the Netherlands for almost fifty years now.
At that time my sister and I were the only black children in our class. We never felt discriminated.
One of my friends from school still lives in Suriname. Sometimes we don’t see each
other for years, but every time we meet, it feels familiar.
My father still lives in Suriname, my mother in Amsterdam.


Sherill, standing in front of a sculpture by Klaas Gubbels in Amsterdam.
“Klaas Gubbels uses every day objects as a motif for his paintings and sculptures.
He has a special preference for coffee pots and tea pots”.


“I love colorful clothes, scarves and frames”.


“And of course bracelets like these”.

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