Trends in kleuren voor het voorjaarAt COS

Thea van den Nieuwendijk (1955) works at COS in Rotterdam. For some years she had her own clothing shop in Vlaardingen. Thea is wearing a typical COS dress in a blue color (Lapis). A color we will often see this spring. This dress, however is from last year’s collection. Thea: “The brand COS appeals to me, it is timeless yet contemporary. I like the clean lines which this brand is famous for.”

Trends voorjaarskleuren

Color palette

These are the 10 most popular fashion colors for Spring 2017. The color Greenery has become the color of this year. These colors will be seen in fashion, but also in interior design.

trends voorjaarskleuren

At the COS store, besides bright colors such as orange, I also noticed darker shades, as you see in the picture below. The yellow (Primrose) loafers are by Camper. The color is named after the yellow of a primrose. Personally, I can not walk very well in loafers, but I do like the color. The orange of the skirt (COS) is a fiery color. You can imagine why this color is called Flame.



At Carla’s

At the reopening of Carla (a shop in Amsterdam), I saw this beautiful, bright pink coat. It is by the Parisian brand, Tara Jarmon. It is a jacket without buttons, which you don’t really need in good weather. In the photo, I’ve combined it with my dark red dress by House of Philana and necklace by Vanilia. Boots by Vagabond. This bright pink color is called Pink Yarrow, after the flower Yarrow. In my opinion, it goes well with the dark red dress.

Here you can see that the jacket is made of a coarsely woven linen. The chain shows that you can combine this jacket with different colors. It seems, at least in terms of clothing, that it is going to be a colorful spring. To be honest, I don’t have much color in my closet, so I’m still not quite sure about this pink coat….

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