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Combineren kun je leren: een gestreepte broek 4x anders

How to mix&match

When I saw these trousers a few years ago in a vintage store (which unfortunately has since disappeared) I honestly doubted. Doubt because it is such a striking example and frankly I thought it was a bit pricey. It is a design by Dries van Noten, beautiful fabric and well made. Now I’m glad my enthusiasm won the doubts.

Combineren kun je leren: een gestreepte broek 4x anders

Striking in Paris

The colors and stripes make it a striking pair of trousers. But that is no objection at all. Precisely because of the colors that are in it, I can also make many combinations with it. Also during the Fashion Week in September 2017 in Paris where this photo was taken. Combined with a green shirt from Rue Blanche and a long linen coat. Fishing net socks and ‘silver’ loafers from & Other Stories. With so much color around my legs, my colorful necklace can also be added.


Combineren kun je leren: een gestreepte broek 4x anders

Different designs

Dries van Noten is a master in combining colors and designs. By looking at his combinations, I get inspired and get the taste to try things out. Previously I was very careful and usually only made combi’s with solid fabrics. It is a challenge to take a step further by, for example, mixing a striped fabric with flowers and or a checked fabric. I find this combination with a blouse with striking design the most daring and successful. The orange of the blouse does not really come back in the pants, but that is no objection at all. I wear a black hes over it that I have given a little more color with the green brooch. The wedge heels are from Fly London.

Combineren kun je leren: een gestreepte broek 4x anders

Bright pink

With my bright pink coat (Tara Jarmon) it is a great combination for a sunny day in spring and autumn. In the chain (Essentiel) there is also a little bit of orange, so I think that the orange sneakers (Vagabond) fit perfectly. The sneakers also make it a bit more casual.

Combineren kun je leren: een gestreepte broek 4x anders

This is the most recent combination. With a white/darkred pied-de-poule sweater (unbranded) that I got from a friend because it no longer fits her. The long cardigan (Rue Blanche) is a new acquisition, it also fits perfectly with these trousers. This photo was made at the end of August, hence the sandals (Poesie Veneziane). The pants were indeed not cheap, but the price is worth it! I’m still very happy with it. The bag is by¬†COS.


For inspiration below a video of the autumn/winter 2018-2019 fashion show by Dries van Noten



In short: one can learn how to mix&match. Think of the tip that Alyson Walsh gives in her book Know your style: “Just look carefully in the mirror and discover what works for you and what does not.

Do you like to combine? I am looking forward to your most beautiful finds! Send a photo of your favorite combination to and briefly explain why it is your favorite combo.

This is the favorite combi of Erica Pach:

Yellow has been my favorite color since a few years. So cheerful, so sunny. I am always happy about it. I also love this 50s skirt. I have styled this outfit in several ways over the years. Therefore different photos. Greeting Erica”



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