To observe

It has been a year since Cor de Graag (1965) has been working as an independent consultant. Cor: “Many entrepreneurs suffer from the superman syndrome. They think that they can do everything themselves and that they do not need help. My experience is that it works to let people look at your organization from the outside. I tell managers and directors of companies what they would rather not hear, but they will be thankful eventually. Observing is my strength and my passion. I want to use this quality, no longer as a sales consultant in IT, but now as a self-employed person (Company Optimizer).”



“In addition to this work as a consultant, I am also working on a website named: Trendy Rotterdam. It has to become a platform for blogs, vlogs, and articles about companies based in Rotterdam. And especially about the people who run these companies. The intention is that everyone can submit blogs and vlogs about current topics in Rotterdam, such as nice addresses or exceptional ‘Rotterdammers’ with a story. In short, it will be a website for and by Rotterdammers.”

Do not stop

“I think it is very important that you do not have to stop working at a certain age. If you are enthusiastic, then go ahead. In my network, I often see people who have not taken steps and that is a pity. I want to learn something every day, not only from people of my generation but also from the young people and the elderly. I do not want to stand still.”



“It has brought me where I am now. In the first classes of the primary school, I was bullied and had problems with it. But it has also strengthened me. I have learned how to respond: I took the wind out of their sails. It made me strong and resilient. When I was 7 years old my sister took me to the hairdresser and I had my first ‘hip’ hairdo. Since then I have a different model every year. My reddish hair and this crest have become my trademark.” The suit that Cor wears is by Suit Supply, the shirt by Simon Carter. The shoes are by the brand Pepe Milan. The glasses (“I want them in red”) by Céline.

Het pak dat Cor draagt is van Suit Supply, overhemd van Simon Carter. De schoenen zijn van het merk Pepe Milan De bril (“deze wil ik ook in het rood”) is van Céline .


Cor has another tip for Rotterdam: for a drink Wine bar of Janssen and van Dijk, and close to is Restaurant 1nul8


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