Als het kouder wordt draag ik altijd een hoed |

Hat or cap

This lady with a great hat I spotted in the streets of Amsterdam. It turns out that I photographed her before when I started my blog some years ago. That was during the summer, she didn’t wear a hat at that time, so I didn’t recognize her immediately. Her name is Laura van Gelder (1947). Laura: “When it gets colder I always wear a hat or a cap. This hat my niece saw at Sukha it’s a Pomandère, I am very happy with it…”

Laura: “I studied fashion at Charles Montaigne, thereafter, I had my own wholesale clothing company for more than 18 years. I represented foreign brands such as Novelty and Nadine H on the Dutch market. Now I work only one day a week as a receptionist at hairdressers Headline in Amsterdam.

'Als het kouder wordt draag ik altijd een hoed...'

My style

“I can best describe my style as semi-sporty with a modern twist. I especially love knitted fabrics. For a long time,I didn’t make clothes myself. Recently, however, I saw a beautiful skirt but it was really overpriced. Then I found a beautiful piece of fabric at a shop called Capsicum and made a nice skirt myself. I enjoyed doing it, so I’m going to do it more often. COS is one of my favorite stores because everything of this brand always fits together and it is very affordable. Brands are not that important to me, but I love good quality. Years ago I bought a jacket from Dries van Noten, which is still beautiful and I always get compliments wearing it.”
'Als het kouder wordt draag ik altijd een hoed...'


I’ve never had any qualms about aging, not on my 40th and 50th and even when I was 60. But 70 still feels different, probably it’s because of the thought that life is finite. On the other hand, I am proud of my age. Wrinkles and gray hair I find no problem to fit in. My hair has its natural color. I am a member of a Rowing Club since 1980, and I still row in the competition. Every Saturday we train with 8 ladies. I feel fit and I have therefore at least strong legs and arms.”

'Als het kouder wordt draag ik altijd een hoed...'

Coat: COS, knitted dress Zenggi

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