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De mooiste foto's en de best gelezen interviews van de afgelopen tijd

Love stories

Perhaps you missed one of these best-read articles, here they are. I discovered that they are all stories about love: for each other, for a certain color and for second-hand clothing.


Let’s start with the story of Ingrid, who is married to Ben Akkerman. Together they opened a store in Rotterdam: Eyeclusive. A store where you can go for special specks. In this interview, they talk about their special first meeting and Ben explains his love for Ingrid.

‘The love of my live’



Ellie is always looking for high-quality second-hand clothing. Because the quality in fabric and design that she is looking for is too expensive for her. She also passed on her love for second-hand clothing to her daughter. What a surprise when she told that she comes from a family of 10 (!) girls. And that all sisters are also interested in clothing and fashion. During their annual sibling day, they even organize a clothing exchange.

Ellie: “I am always looking for second-hand quality clothes…”



Love for red

Red turns out to be a favorite color for many women. Our call on the occasion of Valentine’s Day produced at least many results and very nice reactions. Lovers of red will definitely enjoy this season: in stores, there are so many clothes in red. In all kinds of nuances: pink-red, orange-red, raspberry, cherry red … Whether you’re a summer, winter, autumn or spring type. The women who sent in their pictures as a result of the call tell us why they love this color. Like Astrid who started wearing red when she got older (and after her divorce). Or Hanneke who always wears something red when she gives a book presentation or a lecture.

Red, the favorite color of these women



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