voor mij een behóórlijke omweg, maar de moeite waard: De Groningse Diva

In Haren

A friend recently mentioned this address and I am happy about that! It’s quite a journey from Haarlem, but more than worth it: De Groningse Diva. It appears to be a very large store with second-hand clothes, but of first-class quality, as one can sea at the entrance: 1st class 2nd hand. The shop is in the center of Haren, near Groningen and I met owner Janine.

voor mij een behóórlijke omweg, maar de moeite waard: De Groningse Diva

owner Janine

3 Diva’s

Janine: “It’s been a hobby. I’m a teacher at a primary school (still for 2 days a week) and I always wanted to buy in regular second-hand stores. I was looking for really beautiful brands of designers, I often couldn’t find those pieces. So when my children got older, I started my own store in Havelte with only second-hand clothes from the higher segment. It was a success and, thanks to the help of my husband, there are 3 Diva’s now: De Friese Diva in Sneek and De Drentse Diva in Meppel.”

Treasure room

It is always so nice to go to this kind of shops. They are kind of treasure rooms, you never know what you will find. At the Groningen Diva I discover clothes by Burberry, Missoni, Fong Leng, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana. But there is also a whole wall of shoes, bags, belts. By Guess, Marc Jacobs, Jan Jansen, Chanel, Philipp Square, Patrizia Pepe. Beautiful shawls and jewelry, one gets greedy in this shop.


Take your time when you’re planning to go to this store, there is so much to see and to fit. I’m definitely coming back and I’m honestly looking forward to the other Diva’s in Sneek and Meppel.



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