De stijl van beeldend kunstenaar Thea Tolsma

A certain style

Visual artist Thea Tolsma (1956) lives in Amsterdam. Thea has a distinct dressing taste. She likes colors and is not afraid to experience with rare combinations. This also applies to the various prints that she combines together.


De stijl van beeldend kunstenaar Thea Tolsma

Kerst toen

Christmas then

I have interviewed Thea previously about her work as a visual artist and jewelry designer. This time I photographed her for the Christmas issue of Zin magazine. Thea: “I think about Christmas, as I experienced it during my childhood, with warm feelings. Through the window of the bedroom door, I saw a reddish glow slowly coming up. It was my mother, who carried a tray with a candle on it and tea with biscuits. She brought this for my sister and me. And we each received a red paper bag with a green ribbon around it, containing tasty stuff we did not get normally; like a mandarin and a piece of chocolate. I really liked this! I myself have no children, but my sister has always done so for her son. ”

De stijl van beeldend kunstenaar Thea Tolsma

Christmas now

“I don’t do much for Christmas now, but I always find it very nice to dress up! During sales, I always succeed very well. Often the clothes, which I really like are still available in the sale. I have a few favourite designers; Issey Miyake is one of them. Today I wear a short jacket and a long coat with this label. My shoes and bag are both designed by Hester van Eeghen. It depends, of course, a bit on the weather, if there is a lot of snow, it will be something else. This combination could well be my Christmas outfit this year.”

De stijl van beeldend kunstenaar Thea Tolsma

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