Animal Prints

That’s how it goes in fashion, if you have not seen something for a while it will come back again. Like the animal prints this season, the tiger, zebra, snakes and panther prints. They are not to be missed in the streets. These prints are not only used for clothing, but also for bags, shoes, hats, shawls, belts, hair bands, earrings, make-up bags. It’s already a whole list, but I’ll probably forget a few more. Of course, the big fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Max Mara have given the first impetus on the catwalk.


Not to be missed

These prints seem more massive than ever. Embraced by people of all ages, not just the young ones. One day in the city of Maastricht I recorded all the prints that I encountered in shop windows. It has become a nice collection.

During the sale, you can probably score something with an animal print. Save your battle, it never touches ‘out of fashion’. Dolce & Gabbana even claims that no divas exist without animal print. So if that is your goal, you can not ignore it to occasionally wear something with a (tiger) print. Preferably not a dress and shoes and bag, but make a choice. Because: less is more.


No diva

I do like panther print, would like to wear for example a cardigan. But somehow it does not suit me. So, unfortunately, I will never become a real diva. I limit myself to a pair of socks or a belt. What I could wear and also like is a coat, like this picture below, which I saw in Paris. A piece of animal print combined with another fabric, in this case, a checked fabric. And you? Do you love animal prints, did you help to make it such a success this season? I am very curious how you combine it. So share your best photo and I will make a new collage. You can send your photo to