'Dit Kenzo jasje via H&M móest ik hebben...'

Marianne Grootenboer (1941): “The moment I saw this Kenzo jacket in the window of H&M I knew it right away. There were only two left, luckily one in my size. Lucky me!”

'Dit Kenzo jasje via H&M móest ik hebben...'


“Not only in my clothes but also in my work as an artist colors are very important. My mother always made her own clothes, for me as well. From my 16th I wanted everything tighter than she made, so I started to make my own clothes. My mother was a very good seamstress and made everything like in (Paris) fashion magazines. I’ve always made my own clothes out of my own creativity.”

“The skirt I made myself and the boots I bought secondhand online. Because of the color blends so well. It’s an unknown brand. I wear quite often hats, this one was created by Wil Kooman.”


“I’m always dressed like this. The chain is a ‘watch belt’ by Martin Margiela. I put the watch chain from my grandfather between. The glasses belonged to my deceased husband, the brand is called URBANI Venezia.”

These photos of Marianne I made for Zin Magazine. Here you can see more pictures of her and here together with her friend Anna.


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