From 30% up to 70%

We got to know each other through Instagram. The Belgian lady behind Journey of a stylist is very colorful. In Antwerp, I recently met her: stylist/visagist and color consultant Greet Moens. Her company has the appropriate name: Become who you are. In addition to workshops for groups and advice for companies, she also recommends personal advice. Greet: “If you grow older, your body and skin tone will change. Women like to be advised. I make an appointment at their home so we can make new (color) combinations with the existing wardrobe. Most women wear only 30% of their wardrobe. My aim is to make it up to 70%. Everybody can learn it!”

At my place

Greet offers to take a look together at my wardrobe. She also believes that I should wear some more color. Greet: “Color is very important not just to look good. Dark colors tell little about someone’s personality. Wearing colors makes you mentally stronger, you communicate through color in your clothes. Many women don’t know that you can also create a slim effect by wearing colors.” Excitingly to watch with an expert to my wardrobe.


The first thing Greet strikes is my new pink coat. Because the color blows between mostly blue, gray and black in my closet. Greet: “This is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. You have many dark tones. This color is good for you because with the right colors you can look younger and fresher.” I love to hear and believe that. With this coat as a starting point, Greet makes many new combinations. I would not combine it with pale yellow myself, but if I see it along with my colorful chain, it’s nice.

New combinations

One of Greet’s goals is to show women that one can get more out of one’s clothes than 30%. We take our time to get everything (literally) out of the closet to make new combinations. Greet: “It’s fun to find that motifs that you do not combine at the first glance are very good, and reinforcing each other, they’re making it a more exciting look.” I totally agree with her, the checkered red/white sweater (which I got from a girlfriend), fits very well with the jacket. I bought this one some years ago and hardly wear it because I think it’s too chic. But in this way I find it much more fun and I will wear it more often.

One pants, 4 times different

I am so glad we also had time to make new combinations with one pants or skirt as a starting point. For example, these striped pants can also be combined very well with another dash. And also with the checkered sweater. During the day Greet gve many tip. For example you can suggest a little more length by wearing a long necklace. Or shoes with a V. The whole session was a great experience to me, it gave me so much inspiration. I can recommend it to anyone! So, without buying anything new, you can get a lot more out of your wardrobe. I ‘m trying to reach up to 70%.

Doe meer met je garderobe

In the meantime I wear much more colors, feeling comfortable in it and I get a lot of positive reactions. Are you curious? You can see my style on Instagram.

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