Do you also chose for gray?

About fifteen years ago I decided I didn’t want to dye my hair any longer. Until that time, I had occasionally blond highlights in my dark blond hair. When my hair became gray I didn’t need the blonde highlights anymore. The gray tufts are the highlights nowadays. I wonder how long it takes from now before it is completely gray.

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Tips of a professional

I often get compliments about my hair. Mostly from women who like it, but find it a big step for themselves. That’s why I asked advice from a professional hairstylist. Janine Scheers, one of the owners of Salon 54, is my hairdresser for many years. Besides that, I know she is an expert in hair coloring.

Janine, what is your advice if one decides to become gray?
“Keep in mind that your hair grows about 1.5 to 2 cm per month. Which means that if you have already a shortcut, it doesn’t take so long. But when your hair is long, you can decide to cut it. I know, it’s a rigorous decision, but the fastest and least onerous option.”

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Long hair

“Do you have long hair and you want to keep it that way, you’ve got to have more patience. At some point, it doesn’t look very pretty anymore, because of the two different colors. But there are a few tricks you can apply, so the outgrowth looks less disturbing. You could have a lot of highlights in gray, so it’s more in tune with the outgrowth. I recommend repeating this treatment every two months. The gray will gradually gain the upper hand and you will hardly see any difference.”

“After those treatments, your hair really needs some extra care. My advice is to take a hydrating and invigorating mask. I can recommend the Chemistry shot of Redken. This treatment penetrates to the core of your hair.”

And if it is gray, how can you take care the best?
“Gry hair is slightly dryer and more unmanageable. Therefore, you can use a conditioner every time after washing. Such as Hydra shampoo and conditioner of Mr. Smith. This is free of parabens and sulfates. Besides, it’s not tested on animals.”

Which hairstyle do you prefer to gray hair?
“Once you move to gray, I prefer a pronounced coupe. Sometimes gray hair seems a little bit boring. Especially in combination with a soft, ball blow-dried bo. But, when you choose a slightly tougher and distinct hairstyle, you’ll get a much more spicy look!”

When your hair is gray, but the color shows a bit boring?
“If the color could use some more punch, you can add some stains in charcoal gray. In combination with ‘white blond’ and your own gray hair, it is one ‘color family’. It can be done subtly with thin tufts or risky with wider tufts.”

Don't be afraid of grey |

don't be afraid of grey |

Janine Scheers started together with Mariska Krikke in 2015 their own hairstyling salon: Salon 54. With success, recently their salon is proclaimed as ‘Cutest salon of the City of Haarlem’!