Some photos get an extra dimension if you know the story behind. Like the story behind this childhood photo, that Marianne van Slooten (1950) showed me. It was the second time I met her, I photographed her before for Zin magazine. Marianne: “In this picture, I was 5 years old. The marriage of my parents was poor, they eventually divorced when I was about 15. At first, my brother, sister and I were okay with his new girlfriend, we trusted her. So we visited them occasionally. That changed when we offered to help during my father’s illness. After his death, we noticed why. He had disinherited us, we felt betrayed. A picture of ourselves is the only thing that we received. We have never seen anything from his other stuff and pictures. Therefore this picture is very important to me, as a kind of tribute to a father who never has been a real father to us.”

Een foto met een verhaal

Family matters

“So I didn’t have a happy childhood because after my father left it was very hard for my mother to survive. My father refused to pay alimony. Fortunately, I do have a positive attitude. My husband and I met at a young age, so we have already shared much love and sorrow. We are very happy together and live in the center of Den Bosch. Our son and daughter are running their shop (Vintage room) next door. So if needed I can occasionally help out. We are a close family, I am proud of my family. ”


Een foto met een verhaal


“I don’t like shopping and I do not spend a lot of money on clothes. To me, it’s a challenge to look good without spending a lot of money. Every day I wear a hair band, whether I have tails or wear my hair loose. Every five years, I buy a new pair of glasses and sunglasses as well. Always a frame by Chanel, because I like those frames the most. Most of my clothes I buy second hand and vintage and occasionally something new. I prefer a simple style, with clean lines. This coat I bought years ago. I saw it in a shop window at Benetton and knew immediately ‘that’s mine’.

Een foto met een verhaal

“These boots I already have for at least 8 years. My husband is so sweet to polish them occasionally very well, after that they are as good as new! ”

Een foto met een verhaal

“Clothes are not that important to me, but I love jewelry. This (bow) ring is a design by Sévigné. It’s a German brand, we bought it long ago in Munich. The watch is by Chanel and the other ring is a Capri Onyx black, finished with little diamonds, bought at Schaap & Citroen.”



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