Els from Rotterdam loves classic with a twist

Classic with a twist

Els (1951): “I do not have a style of my own, classic with a twist comes closest to a description, I like jeans, but I also like to wear a cocktail dress.”Els from Rotterdam loves classic with a twist

New start

After her divorce, Els moved from The Hague to Rotterdam. Els: “Before I had a new place to live, I spent three months with my rolling suitcase from one friend to another. But I have been pampered everywhere, and now I have my own apartment, I have completely refurbished. When I came to live here I only knew one person and I now have a large group of people around me. I never thought I would like to live alone.

Els from Rotterdam loves classic with a twist


Els is always really busy. In addition to her work at optician Blick Brillen, she also works part-time at Vintage & Labels. Together with a friend, she gives sewing lessons to a group of women in the evenings. She also likes to make clothes herself. When I visited her at home I saw a lot of work has been done on a dress and a skirt. Els: “I have always been interested in clothing and fashion, I can not afford beautiful clothes, so I also like to buy second hand. It is very tempting now that I regularly work at Vintage & Labels, where I bought todays. skirt, blouse, and jacket. The colors I have been wearing lately have changed since I no longer paint my hair, I now wear many more blue.”


“I have several glasses that I can choose from and of course sunglasses as well. But I also love eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The glasses I wear today are by¬†Andy Wolff.

Els from Rotterdam loves classic with a twist