Chance encounter at the station

Wat een toeval
At Haarlem station, the train arrives that I need for my appointment in Amsterdam. Many people step out. Just at the moment, I want to get in, I see a striking lady with a hat among all the travellers. Sturdy and yet elegant, right age, I hesitate a moment. Shall I let the train go or this lady? I opt for the train and walk quickly behind her.
I’m still a little behind, so must a trot to catch up. With success, the lady likes the fact that I want her to ask some questions and take a photo for my blog.

Ontmoeting op het station


Anna (1954) appears to reside in The Hague and for her work in Haarlem. She was born in Croatia and has lived for more than 30 years in the Netherlands . Anna: ” I came to the Netherlands for a dance education Eurythmy. The plan was to go back after finishing my education. But, at that time the cultural climate in the Netherlands was so good that I stayed.

In Eurythmy you can distinguish three forms: theater, medical and educational eurythmy.  This latter form is provided on free schools. I chose the program for art, the theater side . It’s a wonderful profession!”

Ontmoeting op het station

Changed streetscape

“A lot has changed in the Netherlands in the past 30 years, especially on the streets. When I arrived it was so boring! There is now much more color, people look neater. Nowadays there’s much more attention to fashion. The jacket I wear today is by COS. I ‘m a walking advertising column Cos. I find their clothes fanciful, simple minded but with great details. They are very good. The hat I bought at the Bijenkorf. Sunglasses: Gucci.”


Ontmoeting op het station Anna-Den-Haag-_-MsijaB.nlIMG_2354
“My son probably likes it when he hears I’ve been photographed. He appreciates my way of clothing.”

I take the next train to Amsterdam and still arrive just in time for my appointment. Such a chance encounter turns my day!


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