Erica: 'Ik vind het nu leuk om op te vallen...'

Like mother, like daughter

Erica Pach (1951) is an image consultant and runs her own business: Be-your-best. Erica: “I’ve always been interested in clothes. I grew up appreciating taking care of my appearance. My mother was a very stylish lady, even at a high age. She didn’t go out without wearing lipstick, for instance. My sister also likes to dress well, although her taste is quite different from mine. These are some pictures of my mother and father. The one of me and my mother together shows her at her 80th.”

Erica: "Ik vind het nu leuk om op te vallen...'


“Classic with a twist is what I like the most. Beatrice Ost is someone who I consider a style icon. She’s famous for her beautiful turbans and creations. And of course, there is charming Joyce Carpati, one of the leading ladies in the documentary Advanced Style. Since I started out as an image consultant some 10 years ago, I tend to dress more extravagantly. Nowadays I enjoy being noticed for my clothes.”

Erica: 'Ik vind het leuk om op te vallen'

Hats, stockings, and jewelry

“Accessories are vital to my wardrobe. For instance hats, I’ve loads of them and wear them all the time. I also adore stockings, to complete an outfit. The same goes for jewelry. In my case they mustn’t be too big, they need to fit my frame since I’m not very tall. I admire Iris Apfel, because of her attitude. I would not go over the top as much as she does, that’s just not my style. These ‘Betty Boop’ braces add a playful touch to this classic pencil skirt outfit.”


“These shoes are designed by Jan Jansen. I have a closet full of his shoes., though it’s getting harder for me to wear high heels. So nowadays  I just put my heels in a bag and slip them on when I arrive.”

Erica:' Ik vind het nu leuk om op te vallen...'


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