Onno (designer) and Eveline (owner drug store) are art collectors. But they are interested in fashion as well. That’s why they visited the Amsterdam Fashion Week, in order to see the show by Spijkers&Spijkers, a Dutch fashion label from two sisters from Arnhem, the same hometown as Eveline and Onno. Eveline is wearing, as always, a creation by Commes des Garcons. I photographed her before for Zin magazine. For that occasion, I interviewed her at her place and got the opportunity to watch her impressive wardrobe. Just clothes, shoes, and accessories by Commes des Garcons,



Eveline (1963): “Since some 15 years I only wear clothes and shoes by Comme des Garçons. When I buy new items I only look at them for a whole week. During that time I’m going to think about how to wear it and mix it with other items. Because I never wear it as on the catwalk. The longer I have a garment, the more I’m getting inspired. I’m wearing ll my clothes for a really long time, and never put anything away.”

This is me

“As a child, I was always playing with and fixing new clothes for my Barbies. And I changed, for example, my grandmother’s fur coat; I wanted it shorter and changed the neckline. But I’m too messy to create really beautiful clothes. So I gave up that desire. I don’t wear clothes to stand out, but as a self-expression, ‘this is me’. With all my clothes I can work in the garden, but in my drugstore as well.”



In addition to their interest in fashion, they collect art. Onno: “We became art collectors. Some 28 years ago we started a subscription to the Art Library. With the amount we saved, we bought our first work by Arno Arts. A painted drawing of a series of fifteen.”


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