Glas-in-lood verwerkt in een blouse

by Elly van Zutphen

The city as a backdrop

During her search for non-tourist places for her book ‘How to avoid other tourists in Amsterdam’, Nina van der Weiden ended up in places where buildings were located with the most beautiful stained-glass windows. This inspired her for her fashion label ‘Kapsones Amsterdam’, an authentic, fair trade brand for which the city is used as a backdrop. She has these beautiful blouses made with the pattern of the ancient windows and named them all after the street where the windows can be seen.


Glas-in-lood verwerkt in een blouse

Here you see Misja in the Rafaël. This is a former church building at the Rafaëlplein where you will find ten stained-glass windows with a similar design. Who designed these windows is unknown since they are not signed. It is located on a secluded square in the Amsterdam Apollo neighborhood.


Glas-in-lood verwerkt in een blouse

Artist Steven Oprinsen is wearing model Roelof. The original Roelof window can be found in ‘Het Nieuwe Huis’, a national monument in Amsterdam-Zuid. This complex was built in 1927-1928 by architect Barend van den Nieuwen Amstel. You can admire the beautiful stained-glass window in the stairwell and when you see this, it’s clear where the inspiration for Roelof comes from.
Steven is currently working on painting a Fiat500, a piece of art for which he was commissioned. He does this at Denim City Jeans Market in de Hallen in Amsterdam. You better take some time to admire the whole car! Steven also makes the jeans he is wearing in order for you if you want. You give him your jeans and get them back fully painted.

The blouses by Kapsones can be ordered here. They are also sold at Toon, Jan Evertsenstraat 4-6-8 in Amsterdam and La Maison de Sophie, Eerste Boomdwarsstraat 10I, also in Amsterdam.

Glas-in-lood verwerkt in blouses


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