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GLenda de Vries: “I love colors and I adore patterns...."

More about Glenda

Glenda de Vries (1959) looks striking and she has a unique style. Glenda: “I love the color and I adore designs. I have always been interested in fashion. After the Art Academy, I worked for several companies, designed collections and advised on their collection buying. In addition, I specialized in indicating trends, with regard to silhouette and color. Now I work as an independent professional and companies can hire me to forecast trends and making color indications for various seasons. And for photo styling, both food, and lifestyle. I also do this for the magazine EVA. I enjoy teaching Fashion Design on an MBO course. ”

GLenda de Vries: “I love colors and I adore patterns...."

Color and patterns

“I do have black shoes and a black jacket, but I only wear them when etiquette demands it. The day I only wear black is definitely not a good sign. I love color and patterns, like to combine flowers and checkers, stripes and flowers. When I wear uni’s, I try to use the different tones of a color family. It’s all about the shades. I love jewelry and Bijoux, they are part of me. I do not leave the door without anything ‘hanging’. ”

GLenda de Vries: “I love colors and I adore patterns...."

GLenda de Vries: “I love colors and I adore patterns...."

Harem pants

“My signature look is harem pants. My first ever I bought from Mac & Maggie. I made a pattern of them, so since then, I make them myself. This is made from a fabric of a men’s sari, the blouse is by Dries van Noten. He is my favorite designer, followed by Christian LaCroix and J.Crew for style and quality. I like to mix with Marimekko and Vlisco. I admire Japanese designers, for example, Tsumori Chisato. I love the humor in his designs and the colors he uses. As a country, Japan is on top of my list, I go there every other year, I have friends over there and I can stay with them.”


GLenda de Vries: “I love colors and I adore patterns...."

Story Illustrated Art

“I am a magpie par excellence, I always have been. From the money I earned at my first vacation job I bought earrings with a brilliant, I still have them. It has always dreamed about working with jewels. I now design rings and together with three carefully chosen goldsmiths, they will be made. I love telling stories, either the story of the customer or my own story. Therefore the end result is not only a ring but also a card with the written story on one side and an illustration on the other. Together this forms Story Illustrated Art. I search for the right stone that shows the power, the feeling and the emotion of that story. We work with beautiful stones, precious or semi-precious stones. These may be stones with imperfections, as are women and men. The launch will be very soon. Via Instagram and By Glenda you will stay informed. ”


GLenda de Vries: “I love colors and I adore patterns...."

Golden tip of Glenda

“To discover who you are and what suits you best in terms of clothes, it is useful to make a list of plus points and minus points. We all have minus points, you just have to accept them. If you continue to be annoyed by this, you will not get to the plus points. And we all have them too. So do something with these plus points! You will see that you become more confident.”



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