Marjo, on the streets of Amsterdam …>> continue readingmbMarjoIMG_8881Marjo (1949): “Just like my mother, my hair turned grey when I was thirty and
my hairdresser started coloring my hair until about eight years ago.
Since that time grey it harmonizes better to my age.
My hair dresser only applies some low-lights now and then.
mbMarjoIMG_8892Doing that it becomes more lively. And I’m using a little more
eye make-up.

mbMarjoIMG_8897Some weeks ago I bought this red coat at Zara. I don’t buy clothes just because of a
special brand. I don’t have a favorite designer nor style icon.
My style did change during the past years. I lived in France for more than five years,
since that time I do wear more often dresses.
You can describe my style as fashionable with a touch of chic.
I love accessories, especially big ones, like large brooches and rings.
And I have a box full of necklaces.


The only problem of grey hair is that men don’t look twice anymore….

Recently I watched the documentary Advanced Style by
Arie Seth Cohen. Very inspiring to see all those outrageous dressed women.
This is my ‘advanced style’ cap.”

Marjo recently worked three month as a volunteer in Thailand for Huahin.
Huahins objective is to reduce the population of street dogs through sterilization
and to relieve them as much as possible from pain, itching and hunger.
Where possible, they seek new homes for puppies, adult dogs, and cats in Thailand
and abroad.
If you are interested: this organization works exclusively on a voluntary basis and is
entirely dependent on donations and gifts.

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