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mbIMG_7675-2 Hilde (1944) bought this coat at an auction house called  Veilinghuis De Zwaan.
“I would never have bought this coat if it had been a new one. But since it’s second hand
I did buy it and It’s one of my favorites.
mb portret Hilde“I love elegant clothes, looking good is important to me. My favorite brand is
Isabel de Pedro. Black dresses with a striking design are her signature.
I think I can describe my style as ‘classic mixed with exceptional details’.

mb etiket

This coat was made by Lippmann in Germany, a fur coat specialist.


mb oorbellen

Details, like these earrings and this bag, are the finishing touch.


This coat fits like a glove and I have been wearing it for years now.
I don’t mind if I get any comments and I do often get compliments.”