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Read my tips in order to avoid a bad bargain


Make yourself a ‘wishlist’ of clothes you need or want and take it with you
It prevents you, like I did, coming home with a striped sweater again, while you were actually looking for a basic white blouse.

Hoe voorkom je een miskoop: lees de tips |

Can you make a combination with it?
Recall before buying whether you can combine the new item with your other clothes. Also, think about which shoes you can wear with it and whether you have a suitable jacket for your new purchase.


Does it add something to your wardrobe?
Certainly, since I watched the documentary True Cost of the fast fashion industry, every time I see something nice, I think to myself : ‘does it add anything’? Other black pants don’t boost your wardrobe, so you don’t have to buy.

Can you wash it yourself?
On labels is often mentioned that you can’t wash it yourself, that you have to go to the dry cleaner every time. Ask the shopkeeper if that is really necessary because many manufacturers recommend it only out of precaution.

Hoe voorkom je een miskoop: lees de tips |

Appreciate tips 

Good salespeople have experience and good suggestions. Take them to heart, maybe you just think something doesn’t fit you but appears to look great.


Only buy something you’re feeling pretty in 

Look honestly at yourself when you come out of the fitting room, you must feel pretty in it straight away and it has to do something with you. Something which is quite nice in the store doesn’t become more beautiful hanging in your closet at home.

Hoe voorkom je een miskoop: lees de tips |

Buy the right size

If you always wear size 40, but a garment of a particular brand at that size is just too small, buy a size bigger. No one sees the label when you’re wearing it. And it’s definitely much better if you’re not wearing your clothes too tight. This is also true for shoes, as the shoe pinches in the store, he still does at home.


Don’t look immediately at the price tag

It is difficult, I know. A higher price does not always guarantee a good quality. But generally it does, so quality clothes give you a lot more fun. I bought these yellow shoes a couple of years ago. I felt in love immediately.



Buy clothes which you can wear during several seasons. It’s only for a very short time winter and very cold.

Hoe voorkom je een miskoop: lees de tips |

Do you have tips to avoid a bad bargain? Please share them!

Lydia sent her great tip:

“When go shopping it’s important to wear something you feel really comfortable in. You’ll notice it’s difficult to buy something that is as cute as that. Because wearing a ‘not so nice dress’ everything else looks special and beautiful!” ~ Lydia



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