Lenny has many hats….>>>
Lenny Moeskops (1940) is a very creative woman. She can dance, act and works as
a photographer as well. Besides that she designed and made a lot of hats,
a selection of her collection:
Lenny: “This orange hat is one of my most colorful and extravagant hats.
Made of synamay, an often used material of hats.
It isn’t an ‘every day hat’, that’s for sure.

When I wear this little black felt model with pearls, I’m feeling like a movie star.
And also because of the stole I’m beginning to act like a diva.
This one is as festive as the orange hat, but because of the colors a less exuberant.

Like the orange one, also made of sinamay, with tulle and black ‘feathers’.

Frida Kahlo inspired me to make this hat with long plait. I also made a matching dress
in the same colors, both designed for a contest.
Some years ago I got an invitation to participate in a European contest. The challenge
was to make a hat, referring to a land or city in Europe. I chose Venice.
I designed this little hat, with yellow and aquamarine. Because of the feathers you
hardly can see my eyes, therefor it also refers to a Venetian mask.
This a very simple hat, made of felt. The perforations diffuses the light perfectly.
During our trip through South Africa I got inspired by the Zulus.
This hat of raffia is one of the results.
The red strap is very functional, it’s meant to hang it on a nail in the wall.
In a small shop I once found this old, little pink bird.
I used the voile to create a kind of cave for the little bird.
The black and white streaks were already in the felt when I bought it. I used them
creating this cap.
When I wear this cap the other way around, it becomes a cloche hat.
Therefore this one is my most wearable model.
This is a real glamorous hat. I also made this one for a contest, themed “Movie stars”.
I used sinamay together with white feathers, and added ‘Hollywood’ on the edge.
The Inuit inspired me to make this little hat.
I used white leather, black gems and (fake) fur for the finishing touch.
I never use real fur.
Did Lenny inspire you? Maybe How2hats can help you to get started yourself.