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Wills Langedijk (1959) lives in Amsterdam, is mediator and lawyer, specialized in divorces. She already published several books on this subject. Most recently she published a book about going apart after 50. It’s called: De betere grijze scheiding‘. (Free translation: How to divorce when you’re getting gray’.) I photographed Wills not only because she is a very elegant and handsome lady, but also because she’s draping one (or more) scarfs around her head every day. I really want to know how it works, because especially now it’s getting colder outside, it’s fantastic to wear a scarf. Or, in case you’re having  ‘a bad hair day’. Wills even doesn’t need a mirror!




Wills is a great fan of Rundholz clothing, including their shoes. However, in this picture, she is wearing sneakers because of her broken ankle. Wills: “My style icon is Vivienne Westwood. I don’t use much makeup, only lipstick.


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