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Hugo: 'Vintage en brocante, m'n lust en m'n leven...'

Vintage & Brocante

The Frederikstraat in The Hague, the extension of the Denneweg, is a street with special shops: it is a nice mix of furniture, antique and interior shops. But there are also upholsterers and antique dealers. At number 6 you find Vintage & Brocante Hart & Anders. Here I meet up with Hugo Kosters. Hart & Anders is run by 3 people: Natasja Hart (the Hart in the name), Hugo Kosters (the Anders, which means different) and Hanneke Janssen (the big boss). Hugo (1950): “The advantage of working together is that the three of us all have our own taste and input. Together we purchase the items that form the collection. We do this through markets and auctions. Because we refurbish old tables, cabinets, and tables and chairs ourselves, we can keep the price reasonable. ”


Hugo: 'Vintage en brocante, m'n lust en m'n leven...'


Get on with it

“After studying at the Design Academy, I worked as a designer at Ulf Moritz. Then for many Dutch magazines -among others- VT Wonen, Libelle, Margriet and Eigen Huis & Interieur. In recent years I have worked as a styling director for More than Classic. Creative people cannot sit still, so stopping after my retirement has never been an option. I hung my trade on the willows, so to speak, and in the world of vintage and brocante I found my new passion. I buy stuff, recreate, paint and upholster (simple) chairs myself. I also make cushions that I assemble from my large collection of fabrics and shawls that I have collected over the years. I do not shy away from putting the scissors in a Kenzo shawl. As a stylist, you often work on your own. I am more or less a reserved type of person and I noticed that I have become much more communicative because of my work in the store.”


Hugo: 'Vintage en brocante, m'n lust en m'n leven...'

From home

“My mother was a creative lady, I learned a lot from her. When I was young she had a subscription on the magazines Elegance and Schöner Wohnen. And while I was at school, I liked to make collages with clippings from those magazines. I am still a person who likes to mix and max, the way I decorate my house (an old office building) I also like to dress. I combine design with recycled stuff, antiques with modern art and black / white carpets from Ikea. You can also see it in my clothing style. Today I wear a vintage Hawaii shirt that I once bought on Curaçao. I combined it with vintage Ralph Lauren pants. The blazer is by Scotch&Soda, the socks are by Reinhard Frans (The Hague). I bought the brogues in an outlet in Verona.”

Hugo: 'Vintage en brocante, m'n lust en m'n leven...'  


Hugo: 'Vintage en brocante, m'n lust en m'n leven...'


You can follow Hugo via Instagram. If you are interested in brocante and vintage, you can to also follow Hart & Anders via Instagram.

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