It is so nice to take a souvenir from the city you’ve been for a couple of days. When I’m out to take pictures, I allow myself not much time to go shopping extensively. But when I’m searching nice shops for my blog, I occasionally find something really nice. Like socks in New York and a ring in Antwerp. In Paris, I found these black gloves with white bows, with half fingers. Wearing them I felt like a Parisienne. Unfortunately, last year I dropped them in the wardrobe of a restaurant, along with a beret from Valencia. Curiously, they are never found. Someone else found them apparently worthwhile as well.

handschoen-parijs | MisjaB.nl


This kind of gloves is so handy when I want to photograph. I was surprised, that when I was in Copenhagen (midsummer) I found a shop with a wide selection hand warmers: Butik Silkevejen . In Denmark there is high demand through out the year, they are called ‘Håndledsvarmer‘. According to owner Rita Schönenberger, because in Denmark it is still slightly colder.  I bought this pair with a dot, the brand is called Schaleur. I’m glad it’s autumn, so I can finally wear them.



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