to wear suits like these
These men do have te guts!
Besides that it’s important it suits you and you feel comfortable in it.
I don’t mean the ordinary short or bermuda, with a simple T-shirt or polo.
I mean a ‘suit short’ or a ‘short suit’, a short with a suit jacket.
To wear in summer on warm and sunny days, when you need an outfit beyond casual
for a special occasion.
Hans Dagelet (1945) has both: and the guts and it suits him!
The moment I took this photo he was on his way to the KunstRai, an art exhibition in Amsterdam.
Brand: Gsus

Richard Remeeus, photographed for Zin.
This man I spotted during Fashion week in Amsterdam
This picture I took in Paris. I presume this man wears this outfit also during
working hours, because of the bag.


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