Emma Schlikker (1948): “I studied Italian, therefore I visited Italy a lot of times. That must be one of the reasons I love the Italian style. My grandmother inspired me as well. Her name was Emma as well, she was a very stylish lady, even when she was getting older.”

“I do not buy only expensive clothes, I find nice clothes on markets as well. More important for me is to make the right combinations, I don’t have favorite shops, I’m always looking for shops with a signature. Now and then I buy vintage clothes, important is that they smell ‘fresh’. As I was a child, I was fond of clothes. I loved to dress my dolls.

Skin and hair

“Besides clothes, I do care a lot about my skin and hair. Every three weeks I visit my hairstylist for a ‘color shine’ treatment. At the same time I get a manicure and nail polish. Besides that, every eight weeks I’m having an appointment with my beauty specialist for a ‘facial’.


I don’t have a style icon. I love to watch ‘Mad men’. I love the way actors are dressed in that series. That style inspires me as well.”

Emma Schlikker lives in Amsterdam, that’s where I took photos of her as well. (mb)

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