Spring in Haarlem

On one of the first beautiful spring days, I see her walking in the city center of Haarlem. My eyes fall on her because of her chequered pants; I immediately thought ‘I want them too’. Very nice in combination with the yellow shawl and the blouse with the bird print. This is completely the style of Janine Couperus from Heemstede. Janine: “I bought these pants by Christian Wijnants last year at the sale and I am so happy with them. I can combine them with lots of other clothes. Today with a print blouse by Hartford, which I bought in a very nice shop in Harlingen: Second Swoop. It is not in the neighborhood, but my mother (91) lives in Harlingen, so I come here regularly. The long blue coat is by the brand Libertine-Libertine.”


Janine: “I often choose a classic way of dressing, as well as in color and design. But I make sure it is fashionable. If you look in my closet you see mainly dark blue, black, khaki and light blue. With an occasional highlight in color, like this shawl. Or a blouse with a print in a bright color. I love to mix all kinds of brands, as one of my friends always says: “A bit of Prada and a bit of Zara”.


Fashion and work

“My love for fashion stems from home. My mother was and still is interested in beautiful clothes and likes to spend money on it. She is averse to brands; she has always had a very good eye for the clothes that suit her. Even now she still pays a lot of attention to her appearance and takes good care of herself. She is my great example. My love for fashion has also been fuelled by my work. After the Art Academy, I started working as a designer at the magazine Marion. At that time I visited the fashion shows in Paris for the first time. Then I became art director at Libelle, at Eigen Huis & Interieur and VT Wonen. I have been working for Delicious for a number of years and recently for Seasons. as well. I can use my creativity in my work.”



“For your development, it is important who you encounter in life, that is what forms you. It certainly applies to your taste. In that respect, the shows by Japanese designers have been important to me. I prefer minimalist fashion. But I do switch on two thoughts. I can also enjoy exuberant floral designs, inspired by the atmosphere of the Bloomsbury group. I think these are beautiful designs, though I don’t buy this very easy. Before I make a purchase, I always think ‘will I still be able to wear it in two years’ time’. And if I have to choose between a bright color or dark blue, I choose the latter. Except when it comes to accessories such as this shawl and a pair of yellow sneakers that I just happened spot.”

Golden Tip

“A few years ago I made the best decision ever. I had a so-called hallux valgus on both feet (the big toe is not straightened anymore, which creates a lump). It gave me a lot of problems and I could hardly find suitable shoes anymore, let alone nice ones. I know that there are a lot of women who suffer from it. Therefore, my golden tip: do something about it! I was operated on both feet at the same time in the Bergman Clinic in Naarden. I have hardly had any pain and in terms of recovery, it was also not to bad. I can now choose open shoes again and I am also no longer embarrassed to fit shoes in a store. In short: I have developed a true shoe tic and am catching up on the damage my feet problems gave me.”


Favorite stores form Janine in Haarlem are:
ID store, Kloffie (Libertine-Libertine)Vanilia, COS, Essentiel, Ace & Tate, 
At Cinq I bought this special ring. There’s a real coin from Queen Wilhelmina inserted in the ring.
The bag is by &Other Stories

Het is bijna lente, street style fotografie in Haarlem