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Jacqueline Hoiting (1946) lives in Groningen. She worked as a psychotherapist till last month. Jacqueline: “The ultimate feeling of freedom after my working life is for me to be able to walk all day barefoot, without makeup in a silk slip through the house.”
Jacqueline is an elegant lady, has a distinct taste and sense of style. Moreover, she has an extensive wardrobe, therefore a few questions about her way of clothing and style.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Jacqueline: “My black suit, it’s a flared skirt with a short jacket. My father bought it for me some 40 years ago. I saw this costume in an exclusive boutique in Groningen. But it was far too expensive for me at that time. I told my father about it, he wanted to see the costume as well. He liked it so much, that he bought it for me. It’s still one of my favorite pieces, from time to time I wear it, it’s a special memory to my father. He taught me quality of clothing is important and gave me a feel for beautiful fabrics.

Do you have any favorite jewelry?

That’s my antique gold ring with jade stone, which I got from my first, deceased, husband. I always wear this ring, day and night. It has been restored twice because the stone is put in red gold, and that is vulnerable. My clothes and jewelry always are connected with a story and memories. They belong to me. That also applies to all art in our house. I can tell a story about all the paintings and (glass)objects we have collected.”

vragen over stijl aan Jacqueline Hoiting | MisjaB.nl

New or vintage

“If I see something really nice, I mean when my heart beats faster, I buy it. Regardless whether it’s old, new, used or vintage. Whether I see it in an expensive boutique or at a market, that does not matter. We own a house in the town of Ortigia in Sicily. During the weekly market in that village, there is always a woman who sells everything for only 1 euro. I’ve bought some nice things from her. Italy is for someone who loves beautiful clothing the right place to be! I always succeed in Italy. Apparently, Italian measures are pretty good for me.”

What clothes does your husband like the most?

“Undoubtedly my wedding dress. 11 Years ago we married in Ortigia. For that special occasion, I wore a silk wedding dress by designer Ella Singh. It is a very colorful dress. Printed with flowers in soft shades of pink and green, with a matching veil shawl which I can use as a stole. In addition, I wore a big hat with a wide brim topped with a corsage. And of course, matching colorful high heels ”


What is the best compliment you ever received?

“I got it from my current husband. He told me once I look like movie star Anna Magnani. It’s a nice compliment. She was not a very handsome woman, but she did have a characteristic head. She was Italian, she often acted in history films. Moreover, she was always dressed in black. ”

vragen over stijl aan Jacqueline Hoiting | MisjaB.nl

This hat is made by Mirjam Nuver

What inspires you?

“I was born in Groningen. If I think of North Groningen I see the color palette of ocher yellow wheat fields with blue cornflowers, red poppies, and white chamomile. The Mediterranean colors of Morocco inspire me as well. Ocher and terra combined with azure skies and of course by Italy. Fashion on the streets in cities like Milan and do not forget the lovely windows of the shops, which are works of art themselves.”

What’s your secret?

“That’s love, that’s all! As for my body, I am lucky that I have the elastin of my father. I’m going to weekly yoga class and yoga at home as well, every day. In addition, I regularly walk and cycle. Taking a bath I use seaweed and afterwards I grease my skin with oil ”

vragen over stijl aan Jacqueline Hoiting | MisjaB.nl


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