Jacqueline van Lent: "Iedere vrouw kan mooi zijn"

At Second Hand Rose, a second-hand store in Nijmegen, I saw some of her (new made) jewelry. My curiosity was aroused and for my book Oog voor Stijl I wanted to interview her about it. So off to Elst, the village she lives in.

Fashion With a Mission

Jacqueline (1957) is a striking appearance with her large glasses and raised (natural) gray hair. She has a lot to say: about jewelry, fashion and about her new plans. Jacqueline: “In my opinion appearance is very important. I worked a long time for the ‘Fashion With a Mission’ foundation. We worked with designers to help women who – for whatever reason – had fallen out of work, through work and education to get a new job. Our motto was ‘Nothing is more healing than beauty’. So we taught these women to make their own clothing in collaboration with designers. They started making with a shawl, followed by a simple piece of clothing and finally, they learned to sew a jacket or blouse. For many women, this was a stepping stone to a permanent job or to work as a self-employed person.”


“During this period of my life, everything came together. I had my own communication agency for years. Now it was my job to work with designers and fabric traders for this foundation. I got knowledge of fabrics from home because my mother was a dressmaker. I worked for this foundation for more than 13 years. It was a very nice time in my life, but sometimes it is time for something new. Recently, I started taking my own goldsmith lessons again and started making jewelry. I’m always looking for special beads and other beautiful things that I can use for it. I have noticed that for me it is meditative to make jewelry. ”

Jacqueline van Lent: "Iedere vrouw kan mooi zijn"

New plans

“I love vintage and second-hand clothing. In my opinion, it’s very important when you get older, that you go for the quality. So always choose beautiful materials. The colors are often much more beautiful and intense. Together with designer Rossell de Fijter I founded the Manteau Riche fashion label in 2018. We make kimono jackets inspired by the 20s-30s, which you can wear as a jacket, vest, and dress. The kimonos are made in the Netherlands and couture finished. All seams are trimmed with satin tape. On some kimonos, we have processed antique ornaments. Others are decorated with beads. The result is that they are unique – numbered – specimens.”

Jacqueline van Lent: "Iedere vrouw kan mooi zijn"
Manteau Riche regularly organizes pop-up sales days. The next one is planned on December 11.
Smedenstraat 10 Elburg
11 december from 3 p.m.
For more information follow Manteau Riche on Instagram

In my boek Oog voor Stijl Jacqueline tells more about wearing jewelry:

Jewelry is not only for embellishment, they also give you the option to (re) place accents.


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